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Lower Division Capstone_Unit2_IP

Lower Division Capstone_Unit2_IP - UNIT 2 INDIVIDUAL...

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UNIT 2 INDIVIDUAL PROJECT Management Theories Unit 2 Individual Project Kregg M. Soltow October 7, 2010 American Intercontinental University
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UNIT 2 INDIVIDUAL PROJECT In the human resource area, moving toward an employee empowerment culture Employee empowerment means giving authority to ordinary employees to make conclusions without conferring with the managers. The degree of these decisions depends on the scope of which the company gives power to the employees. In most circumstances this simply means making decisions on their own. (Wilkinson, A. (1998, February) The issue being addressed that gave rise to employing these theories One company that used employee empowerment was Ford Motor Company. There were many issues relating to low levels of employee satisfaction, low performance, and very strong employee participation in unions and union activities. It began with a lot of pressure from the United Automobile Workers Union and also for the company to recognize the international reach of said union. (Noble, P. M., & Gruca, T. S. (1999) How the theory being followed leads to specific actions on the part of the company Ford began introducing “participative management”. Numerous judgment making positions were allocated to the employees. Management also began to delegated some decision making roles to employees. However, even though top management officials were in favor of the move to employee empowerment, some managers held back and did not delegate important decision making. Still today Ford Motor Company continues to empower its employees and utilizes the practice of participative management. (Axzo Press. (2003). Results achieved The main opinions of the results achieved here, are that the employees at Ford Motor Company desired to become more involved in decision making within the company and were ready to take on greater responsibilities. The managers at Ford felt that
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Lower Division Capstone_Unit2_IP - UNIT 2 INDIVIDUAL...

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