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1. Describe the firms in the proposed merger. List their annual sales and extent of their operations: According to The Daily Finance online, Google runs the worlds leading Internet search engine, offering user specific targeted search results from billions of Web pages. Results are based on a proprietary algorithm. Thou one of the largest companies around, Google generates nearly all of its revenue through ad sales. The Google Network is a network of outside customers that use Google's ad programs to deliver ads back to their own Web sites. Google subsidiaries include YouTube and DoubleClick. Founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page each possess almost 30% voting control of the company. 2009 annual sales were $23,650,600,000. According to their site, ITA was founded in 1996 by a group of computer scientists from MIT. ITA Software is an airline Information Technology services provider that is changing the way the travel industry works. Combining all the recent advances in computer science, innovative problem solving, and deep industry knowledge, the company’s software solutions deliver more power and flexibility to the travel industry
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Microeconomics_Unit5_small_group_project_portion - 1...

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