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Principles of Information Systems_Unit4_DB - Principles of...

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Principles of Information Systems Unit 4 Discussion Board January 26, 2012 Kregg M. Soltow American Intercontinental University What role do these types of information systems have? At the moment, web hosted auctions are a very trendy business platform. If an individual wishes to cultivate their online business, then they simply achieve it with the aid of various online auction applications. This enables prospects to produce profits, which tend be even greater with the advancement of arrangement and ease of use to the consumer. Managing this specific type of business model is not necessarily a daunting task but as the administrator of the information system it is important that you assure that all of the aspects of the auction site are administered properly. Generally most auction software’s come equipped with the majority of the specifics as well as speeding up the delivery of the information, this of course helps to get everything up and running in less time. In your opinion, do you believe sellers should be able to post whatever they want without sensitivity to others? Why or why not? In my honest opinion this would depend purely on two main aspects. The first being, the legality of the situation. Obviously it would not be good for business if the auction site was in someway involved with the selling and distribution of illegal materials. Now, this
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Principles of Information Systems_Unit4_DB - Principles of...

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