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Principles of Marketing Unit 1 Discussion Board Kregg M. Soltow 8/30/2010 American Intercontinental University In a series of interviews, I asked three recruiters to describe the missions of their companies. One said, "To make profits." The second recruiter said, "To create customers." The third said, "To fight world hunger." I have analyzed and will shortly discuss what these mission statements tell me about each of the companies. I have also slightly compiled and regurgitated these mission statements while still reflecting the same mission as the ones listed above. The first recruiters statement is actually the main bases to being a company. What else would a business want to do? Of course, they want to make profits. However profit is only made through the businesses customers, therefore the second recruiter’s statement is
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Unformatted text preview: also found here. For a successful business to work and produce, the business must have customers who in turn buy the product and generate said profits. And last but not least, once a business earns it’s profits through market competition, they must fight to keep the consumers in order to continue generating revenue. In conclusion to create customers allows you to make profits, to make profits allows you to feed the hungry without the first two statements you cannot achieve the third. It’s fairly simple. To make profits is capitalism, to create customers is to grow your business, and to fight world hunger is a noble cause that can be best served through free capitalistic business economies world wide....
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