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Principles of Marketing_Unit4_IP - UNIT 4 INDIVIDUAL...

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Unformatted text preview: UNIT 4 INDIVIDUAL PROJECT Principles of Marketing Unit 4 Individual Project Kregg M. Soltow September 15, 2010 American Intercontinental University Provide a brief overview (1 paragraph) of any ad, commercial, or entire advertising campaign, and state whether you consider it effective or ineffective in the United States and (your choice) of another country. In recent months Dominos has been featuring television advertisements stating their overwhelming intent to change the perceived distance between themselves as a company, and their consumers. In their ads, they feature their companys chief executive officer David Brandon reaching out to the consumer in the way of asking all customers to share their most recent experience with the company by sending in pictures of their latest Dominos pizza experience, (good or bad). While requesting participation from their customers, they have also lately been offering a brutally honest depiction of their frank and earnest efforts by showing not only the happy and satisfied masses but also those of which who would otherwise grade their service and product as poor. Personally, I consider this advertising campaign to be extremely effective not only in the United States but in all of the 59 and counting foreign countries they provide their product in. (Grant, UNIT 4 INDIVIDUAL PROJECT Paul J.) Especially when considering Japan I would however be a bit skeptical in comparing the outcome of a pizza with their number one rated topping of squid compared...
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Principles of Marketing_Unit4_IP - UNIT 4 INDIVIDUAL...

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