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Principles of Marketing_Unit5_DB - international marketing...

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Principles of Marketing Unit 5 Discussion Board Kregg M. Soltow September 22, 2010 American Intercontinental University Post 2 challenges many companies face in the areas of ethics when marketing a product in another country. I would say two good examples of ethical challenges many companies may face are perhaps the companies behavior towards its customers and clients in a foreign nation and perhaps how that company interacts with the various communities and environments within which it is operating. Post a legal and a cultural issue that must be considered when marketing a product in another country. One legal and possibility cultural issue that may arise when marketing internationally is the frequently cited problems of the Australian International Business Managers with gifts favors and entertainment. This problem is related to the culture where the
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Unformatted text preview: international marketing is taking place. The most important legal ethical problem to Australian international managers is large scale bribery (Armstrong, 1992) Also I will include tax evasion practices, used to specifically evade taxes such as transfer pricing including using tax havens, where basically any profit made is in low jurisdiction with pre adjusted interest payments. (Dunfee, 1999) References: • Robert W. Armstrong (1996). The Relationship Between Culture and Perception of Ethical Problems in International Marketing. Journal of Business Ethics 15 (11). • Thomas Dunfee (2001). “Is Guanxi Ethical? A Normative Analysis of Doing Business in China," Journal of Business Ethics 32 (3): 191-204, with Danielle Warren, August, 2001....
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Principles of Marketing_Unit5_DB - international marketing...

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