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Relational Database Management Systems_Unit2_IP

Relational Database Management Systems_Unit2_IP -...

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Student_ID Grade Student_Name Instructor_Loc Instructor_Name Course_ID Major Course_Title Partial Dependency Partial Dependency Transitive Dependency 1NF (Student_ID, Course_ID , Student_Name, Major, Course_Title, Instructor_Name, Instructor_Loc, Grade) Partial Dependencies: (Student_ID Student_Name, Major) (Course_ID Course_Title, Instructor_Name, Intructor_Loc) Transitive Dependencies: (Instructor_Name Instructor_Loc)
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Instructor_Name Instructor_Loc Grade Student_ID Course_ID Instructor_Loc Instructor_Name Course_ID Course_Title Student_ID
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Unformatted text preview: Student_Name Major Table name: Student Student (Student_ID , Student_Name, Major) Table name: Course Course (Course_ID , Course_Title, Instructor_Name, Instructor_Loc) Table name: Instructor Instructor (Instructor_Name , Instructor_Loc) Table name: Grade Grade (Student_ID , Course_ID , Grade) Third Normal Form (3NF) conversion results Student Major Course Grade Instructor Student ID Student Name Course Title Course ID Instructor Name Instructor Loc N M N 1 Entity-Relationship diagram...
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