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Relational Database Management Systems Unit 3 Discussion Board Kregg M. Soltow January 20, 2011 American Intercontinental University What guidelines/steps should you follow when you design a relational database? In addition to using the course material, use the Library and Web Resources to find best-practice guidelines. Be sure to cite your sources in APA format. Steps: 1.) Don’t worry about the design of database. Devote all time to understanding the businesses needs and its environment. Accommodate these into the design of the database. (Teory,2005) 2.) Sketch out by hand the data entry forms. 3.) Complete steps 1 and 2 to develop a clear understanding of exactly how the data is to be captured and how it is to be updated. 4.) Develop a primal table used only for capturing data. (Lightstone,2005) 5.) Utilizing the method in step 2, begin to add data into the tables. 6.) Step 5 should be repeated however many times for each different scenario, and then checked for the need to add additional tables or data loads. 7.) When enough number tables have been generated, begin normalization process.
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Relational Database Management Systems_Unit3_DB -...

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