UNIT 2 - After completing the MFL self assessment

UNIT 2 - After completing the MFL self assessment - process...

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After completing the MFL self- assessments, prepare a one page word document in essay format that reflects upon your experience. The essay should include, at a minimum, responses to the following questions: How did you organize and plan your time in order to complete the self assessments? What were your impressions of the tool and the process? What skill set strengths and weaknesses were reflected in the results? Were you surprised? What plan and time schedule will you put in place to complete the suggested learning modules? Before starting the self assessments, I made sure that I was well-rested and clear-headed. I planned on having private time to concentrate and give my full attention to the task at hand. I enjoyed using the program for the assessment. I think the organization was simple to use and the
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Unformatted text preview: process was easy and understandable. My skill set strengths included punctuation and mechanics in the writing portion of the tests; as well as vocabulary and critical thinking in the reading section. Math has always been a strong asset for me. I have excelled in these areas prior to taking the assessment and I was not surprised about the outcome. On the other hand, I did not excel in parts of a sentence or parts of speech. I’ve always had a difficult time understanding what I read. I plan to improve these skills in a reasonable time frame to have the greatest opportunity to do well in the future. I plan to work hard and complete the learning modules in a timely fashion so I can complete the rest of my studies with the most up-to-date knowledge....
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