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Unit 4 Pure, Per Se and Natural Monopolies (DB) Kregg M. Soltow 7/2/2010 Importing is when you or a business buys something from another country and gets it shipped back to you. Exporting is when you or a business sells something to another country and then ships it to them. For my first example of importing I chose eBay. eBay.com turns the buyer themself into the importer. One specific product I will reference is clothing, by going to the eBay website and selecting a "seller's store" you can often find sellers that reside over sea's and would be happy to custom make any apparel to your liking and then send it to you directly, therefore "Importing" it to you. For my second example of importing I chose Toronto Hemp Company (
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Unformatted text preview: www.torontohemp.com ). This company will import to you many fine products made entirely from the vastly benefitial and resourceful hemp fiber. For my first example of exporting I have chosen the U.S. In the past twelve months, corn ethanol exports from the United States have increased from 4 million gallons in March of 2009 to 46 million gallons in March of this year to places like United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Canada, and the Netherlands. For my second example of exporting I have chossen Ford India. As of this month, Ford India will begin exporting the Figo to South Africa, soon to be followed by other countries. Ford India has also recently started exporting engines to the Thailand market in a confined effort....
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