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ENGR 13100 Fall 2011 Homework No. 8 Assigned: Class 7b Page 1 of 7 SUMMARY OF READING AND UPCOMING DELIVERABLES DUE HC E Reading: Sustainability (Ch 16) 8b Homework Problems [60 Points]: Problem 1 (20 pts): QA12 – School of Aeronautics and Astronautics 8b - Problem 2 (20 pts): QA13 – School of Nuclear Engineering 8b - Problem 3 (20 pts): IDEO Sustainability Video Clip 8b - Problem 4: Team Peer Evaluation 8b - Project/MEA: Outdoor Concert System Design Project: Milestone 1 8b - MEA: Draft 2 8b - HC = Hard copy E = Electronic submission PROBLEM 1 (20 pts) (This problem is to be completed as a team; however, each member should submit the answers individually. ) Question and Answer Session Preparation – School of Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering (AAE) Question 1: Examples of Aerospace Vehicles Even numbered teams pick a Spacecraft from the list below and odd numbered teams pick an Aircraft. For the vehicle picked by your team, divide the responsibility for researching the following questions about that vehicle among your team members. Q1. What is the mission this vehicle was designed to execute? Q2. Who are/were its customers? Q3. What was revolutionary about this vehicle for its time? Spacecraft (and Missiles) 1) Saturn 5 2) Falcon 9 3) Predator 4) Virgin Galactic - Spaceship 2 Aircraft 1) Douglas DC 3 2) 787 Dreamliner 3) SR71 Blackbird 4) F35 Joint Strike Fighter Question 2: What are some of the classes our students take? List two classes in each of the following five disciplines that could count towards a major/minor elective ( https://engineering.purdue.edu/AAE/Academics/Undergrad/pos/pos_instructions#_Toc100645631 ). Aerodynamics Dynamics and Control Propulsion Structures and Materials Design
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ENGR 13100 Fall 2011 Homework No. 8 Assigned: Class 7b Page 2 of 7 Question 3: What do our graduates do? To help get a better idea of what our graduates do, take a look at our some of our Outstanding Aerospace Engineer Award Recipients ( https://engineering.purdue.edu/AAE/AboutUs/Alumni/oae ). These Alumni have demonstrated excellence in industry, academia, governmental service, or other endeavors that reflect the value of an aerospace engineering degree. Please fill in the following blanks about some of our OAE recipients. This 2010 recipient, , began his career as an avionics system engineer and would later work for Intel as a production manager. This 2009 recipient, Roy Eggink, graduated from Purdue in and would later become the chief engineer of Boeing’s Program. This 2008 recipient, , served in various positions at Cessna Aircraft company and would later become the Chief Design Engineer for Aerospace Structures at . This 2007 recipient, Andrew Kasowski, is the for Cessna Aircraft. He has also served as a for the Federal Aviation Administration. This 2006 recipient, , serves as the Vice President of . In this role he leads the program management, design, analysis, materials and process development, tooling, measurement, and test groups responsible for taking products from concept to commercial introduction.
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ENGR13100_F2011_HW08_Problems - ENGR 13100 Fall 2011...

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