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ENGR 13100 Fall 2011 Homework No. 13 Assigned: Class 12b Page 1 of 1 SUMMARY OF READING AND UPCOMING DELIVERABLES DUE HC E Reading: Chapter 15: Displaying Data in Written Documents Project: Milestone 4 13b & - HC = Hard copy E = Electronic submission Design Project: Milestone 4 (This project is to be completed as a team ) The goal of Milestone 4 is to present the details of your team’s selected solution. Your team will prepare a 3-4 page report (visuals, tables, data, etc.) as well as a written description and references. Note: the required project cover page will not count toward the page limit.
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Unformatted text preview: Your team should carefully review the Design Project and the Milestone 4 Rubric located in the Project folder on Blackboard. Deliverables for Milestone 4: 1. Bring three (3) hard copies of the Milestone #4 written report to class 13b. Attach the Milestone #4 Rubric to each hard copy. Have questions? Dont be afraid to ask for help! Weekly office hours are held on Monday thru Thursday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm in ARMS B098 studio . If you need help, but cannot attend office hours during these times, please contact your GTA. Tau Beta Pi also offers tutoring in ARMS B098 with the same schedule....
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