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ENGR13100_F2011_ProjectMilestone3_Rubric - Project Grading...

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Date: ____________ Milestone #3 RUBRIC Team No. _____ Outdoor Concert System Project, ENGR131 – Fall 2011 Section No. _____ Team Member Last Names: 1. __________________2. __________________ 3. _________________ 4. __________________ *Reminder : Online Writing Lab (owl.purdue.edu) is available for writing help. Visuals should be used. Figures, sketches, and tables need captions and should be explained in the text (See owl.purdue.edu) Category Objectives Professional (3 Pts) Acceptable (2 Pts) Needs Improvement (1 pts) Missing (0 pts) 1. Concept Reduction ° Uses a a Pros&Cons (plusses & minuses) Comparison and identifies strengths, weaknesses, and assumptions associated with 5-8 possible conceptual solutions ° Uses a Pugh Matrix to reduce 5-8 alternatives to 3 options ° Provides data and models used to compare the alternative solutions and to make decisions 3 boxes are checked 2 boxes are checked 0-1 boxes are checked 2. Solution Selection Uses a Weighted Decision Matrix to compare and select a final solution, which includes the following elements: ° Criteria (identified in Milestone 1) °
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