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Poster Pre Section #: __________ Team # Being Evaluated : ___________ Names: 1. ___________________ 2. ___________________ 3. ___________________ 4. ___________________ Presentation Goal : Convince the review co viable options, and selected the best altern Professional (3 points) 1. System or Problem Scoping & Boundary Justification Presents the broad sco of the problem (i.e., system) and justifies how and why the team identified the system boundaries to focus on 2. Detailing Selected Solution There is a detailed an visual representation o the selected solution (how it works, unique features/strengths, weaknesses/assumptio ) 3. Solution Quality Solution is exemplary and addresses all criteria. [decrease risk, increas profits, fill concert-goe needs] 4. Research, Data, and Evidence Models, data, or research are visually presented and used to justify why the selectio is the best alternative 5. Technical & Professional Communication Presentation is professional in all aspects (verbal/visua
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