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ENGR 13200 Ideas to Innovations Part II Spring 2012 HOMEWORK #2 Due: Class 2B SUMMARY OF UPCOMING DELIVERABLES DUE HC E Reference Material to Review: Programming Standards (see Blackboard) 2a Chapter 14 (statistics) 2a Chapter 22.4 (data analysis functions) 2a Chapter 24.3.3 (histograms) 2a Chapter 24.5 (saving your plots) 2a Individual Homework Problems [100 Points]: Problem 0 (0 pts): MathWorks Tutorials 2a Problem 1 (20 pts): Basic Course Questions 2b Problem 2 (20 pts): Programming Standards 2b Problem 3 (20 pts): MATLAB Plots 2b Problem 4 (20 pts): MATLAB Statistics 2b Problem 5 (20 pts): MATLAB Vectors 2b MEA1 Just-in-Time Manufacturing: MEA1: Context Setting & Individual Questions 2b HC = Hard copy E = Electronic submission A Couple Reminders on Homework Submission: 1. Download and print the homework coversheet from Blackboard. 2. Fill out the coversheet completely and staple it to your hardcopy answer sheets. 3. Read the programming standards. Points will be deducted for not following them. 4. Be sure to upload all your .m files to your Faculty Instructor’s Assignment Drop Box on Blackboard. Note: These reminders may not be included on subsequent homeworks. 0. MathWorks Tutorials (Optional, but Recommended) You should not turn in this work. Much (but not all) of the content in the above reading is represented visually in the following Interactive MATLAB Tutorial materials available through the MathWorks website: www.mathworks.com/purduefirstyear/matlabtutorial . The recommended segments for this week are: MATLAB On-Ramp: ± Navigating the MATLAB Desktop ± MATLAB Fundamentals o MATLAB as a Calculator o Creating Variables o Accessing Data in MATLAB (Note: We do not use the Variable Editor in this course) o Creating Vectors o Creating Matrices
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ENGR 13200 Ideas to Innovations Part II Spring 2012 o Array Operations (Note: You may wish to also view Matrix Operations, but you are not expected to understand Matrix mathematics if you have not seen this in your math classes yet.) o Visualizing of Mathematical Functions (Note: We will not generate plots from the Workspace only the Command Window or an m-file. But this segment sets up the problem that is continued in the following segments.) o Calling a MATLAB Function o Using plot to Visualize Computer Data Deliverable: None. 1. Basic Course Questions (This problem is to be completed individually and contributes to your homework grade . ) Download the answer sheet for Homework #2and enter your responses for Problem 1 in the space provided. A. You are expected to fully participate with your team on: a. In-class activities. b. Projects. c. MEAs. d. All of the above. B. If you earn an 84% for the semester, your semester grade will be a: a. B regardless of how many unexcused absences you have. b.
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ENGR13200_Sp2012_HW02_Problems - ENGR 13200 Ideas to...

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