ENGR13200_Sp2012_ICA03A_Problems - ENGR 13200 Fall 2011...

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ENGR 13200 – Fall 2011 Activity 1 Class 3a In Class Activities : Completed in-class activity documents must be uploaded to your Instructor’s Blackboard ICA### Dropbox prior to the next class . All uploads must be done individually even if you worked with a partner. Partner names should appear in all documents that were worked with one or more partners. Completion of activities is part of the in-class participation grade and submissions may be subject to grading. Class3a : Complete the ENGR13200_Sp2012_ICA03A_AnswerForm.docx as you and a partner go through Activities 1 through 3. Upload this form to Blackboard as instructed above. Activity 1: Interpretation with Cumulative Distribution Plots (Estimated Time: 15 minutes) Revisit this situation from Class 1b: As an industrial engineer working for an automotive company, one of your responsibilities is the manufacture of a shaft, which requires milling a journal bearing. (A journal is the part of a rotating shaft, axle, or spindle that turns in a bearing.) You study this process by measuring a sample of the shafts as they come off the line until you have a sample size of 26. (Image Source:
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ENGR13200_Sp2012_ICA03A_Problems - ENGR 13200 Fall 2011...

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