Lab00 - 2 UNIX account configured as expected 3 Creation of lab00.c file from figure 2-3 on page 33 of your C programming text • Includes course

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Lab #00 Your name and career account login: This lab is not worth any points, but is critical to your ability to function in lab next week and to submitting your first homework assignment. Instructions are found in the following on-line videos: Tasks 1 and 2: Tasks 3 though 6: Submit this page to your lab instructor prior to leaving lab today ONLY if all tasks have been completed. If you are unable to complete all tasks in lab you may complete the assignment during the TA evening hours this week (7-9pm in SC 189 [Sunday - Thursday]). Bring the completed form to your next lab meeting. Any TA from the evening hours is permitted to confirm your completion of the steps below. Task # Description TA Initials 1 Putty correctly downloaded to ITaP desktop and sage session saved.
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Unformatted text preview: 2 UNIX account configured as expected. 3 Creation of lab00.c file from figure 2-3 on page 33 of your C programming text. • Includes course lab header, correctly completed. 4 Successful compilation and execution of lab00.c program. 5 Submission of lab00.c file for grading. 6 Printing of lab00.c file to local printer. ATTACH 7 Successful reception of confirmation e-mail. 8 Completion of labQuiz00 on Blackboard. • This quiz must be completed prior to 9pm on Sunday January 15, 2012. • Quizzes are limited to 10 minutes and questions cannot be revisited. • This quiz will cover the course syllabus. You may use your course packet. • Future lab quizzes will be individual efforts, resources will not be permitted, and will only be available during the last 10 minutes of lab. Describe your previous programming experiences (if any):...
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