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Unformatted text preview: makes least commitment about binding variables to constants 10 Proof Procedures •  Suppose we have a knowledge base: KB •  We want to prove q •  Forward Chaining –  Like search: Keep proving new things and adding them to the KB un<l we are able to prove q •  Backward Chaining –  Find p1…pn s.t. knowing p1…pn would prove q –  Recursively try to prove p1…pn Forward Chaining Example ∀xKnows( John, x ) ⇒ Loves( John, x ) Knows( John, Jane) ∀yKnows( y, Leonid ) ∀yKnows( y, Mother ( y )) ∀xKnows( x, Elizabeth) € •  •  •  •  Loves(John, Jane) Loves(John, Leonid) Loves(John,Mother(John)) Loves(John, Elizabeth) 11 Forward Chaining Procedure Forward_Chain(KB,p) If p is in KB then return Add p to KB For each (p1 ^ … ^ pn=>q) in KB such that for some i, Unify(pi,p)=q succeeds do Find_And_Infer(KB,[p1,…,pi ­1,pi+1,…,pn],q,q) end Procedure Find_and_Infer(KB,premises,conclusion,q) If premises= then Forward_Chain(KB,Subst(q,conclusion)) Else for each p’ in KB such that Unify(p’,Subst(q,Head(premises)))=q2 do Find_And_Infer(KB,Tail(premises),conclusion,[q,q2])) end A Note About Forward Chaining •  As presented, forward chaining seems undirected •  Can view forward chaining as a search problem •  Can apply heuris<cs to guide this search •  If you’re trying to prove that Barack Obama is a natural born ci<zen, should you should start by proving that square127 is also a rectangle??? 12 Backward Chaining Example ∀xKnows( John, x ) ⇒ Loves( John, x ) Knows( John, Jane) ∀yKnows( y, Leonid ) ∀yKnows( y, Mother ( y )) ∀xKnows( x, Elizabeth) € •  Goal: Loves(John, Jane)? •  Subgoal: Knows(John,Jane) Backward Chaining Func<on Back_Chain(KB,q) Back_Chain_List(K...
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