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Unformatted text preview: 2/18/10 Search, Planning, & CSPs Making Sense Of It All Ron Parr CPS 170 How Do Search, Planning & CSPs fit together? •  Keep in mind these are all very general frameworks •  We typically think of search as the most general: –  –  –  –  Start Goal AcNons Costs •  We can formulate almost anything as search, even in a not enNrely unnatural way: –  –  –  –  Shortest path SorNng Planning CSPs •  Not everything that can be solved as search should be solved as search. The fact that you are holding a hammer doesn’t make everything a nail. 1 2/18/10 Algorithm vs. Concept •  There are Nmes when we will talk about search as a specific algorithm, i.e., something maintains a queue, pops things off the queue, expands them, etc. •  Other Nmes we will talk about search as a more abstract concept, e.g., finding a minimum of a funcNon by gradient descent can be thought of as a kind of search, even though we don’t maintain a queue CSPs •  Can formulate CSPs as search –  Goal = saNsfying assignment –  States = parNal assignments –  AcNons = assigning values to variables •  Using a generic search may not be a good idea: –  We don’t care about the path –  We don’t care about costs –  We have a largish branching factor –  We may miss opportuniNes to exploit structure in the problem, e.g., noNcing the structure of the constraint graph 2 2/18/10 Planning •  We can formulate planning as search –  Goal = plan goal –  States = SituaNons reachable from start state –  AcNons = plan acNons •  This seems like a be[er fit for search than CSPs (and it is), but –  The branching factor is huge –  The goal is usually a state set –  Difficult to come up with good heurisNcs •  We need to do something more clever than simply applying generic search techniques NoNonal View of Problem Classes CSPs Planning Search NB: To make this rigorous we would need to be a bit more precise and rigorous in our definiNons than what is expected/required for this class. 3 ...
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