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Unformatted text preview: Compsci 06/101, Spring 2011 1.1 COMPSCI 06/101, Spring 2011 Introduction to Computer Science Owen Astrachan Compsci 06/101, Spring 2011 1.2 Data into Information and Knowledge Computer Science Compsci 06/101, Spring 2011 1.3 Is a picture worth a thousand words? %20web&biw=1238&bih=969 %20science&biw=1370&bih=1081 q=internet&biw=1370&bih=1081 q=programming&biw=1370&bih=1081 Compsci 06/101, Spring 2011 1.4 Anatomy of a search query q=programming&biw=1370&bih=1081 What comes after the question-mark in the URL? What is the query string? What are the browser dimensions? What is constant in the search query, what changes? How is the query parameterized ? How are multiple-word queries handled? What does this have to do with Computer Science and programming? Compsci 06/101, Spring 2011 1.5 Questions about Computer Science What is it that distinguishes it from the separate subjects with which it is related? What is the linking thread which gathers these disparate branches into a single discipline? My answer to these questions is simple --- it is the art of programming a computer . It is the art of designing efficient and elegant methods of getting a computer to solve problems, theoretical or practical, small or large, simple or complex. C.A.R. (Tony)Hoare Compsci 06/101, Spring 2011 1.6 not Programming == Computer Science What is the nature of intelligence? How can one predict the performance of a complex system? What is the nature of human cognition? Does the natural world 'compute'? It is the interplay between such fundamental challenges and the human condition that makes computer science so interesting. The results from even the most esoteric computer science research programs often have widespread practical impact. Computer security depends upon the innovations in mathematics. Your Google search for a friend depends on state-of-the-art distributed computing systems, algorithms, and artificial intelligence. Compsci 06/101, Spring 2011 1.7 Understanding Information/Data Does understanding computer science help you when you want a new smart phone?...
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slides1-4up[1] - Compsci 06/101, Spring 2011 1.1 COMPSCI...

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