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4.1 Compsci 6: PFTW Problem solving and (Python) programming What are the steps in solving an APT? How do you get better at this? How do you avoid getting frustrated? Cope with it? Practice selection, abstraction, looping In the context of solving problems El hombre bebe Get ready for first assignment Difference between assignment and APTs? Compsci 06/101, Spring 2011 4.2 How to solve an APT Two very, very, very important steps 1. How to solve the problem with Paper, Pencil, (Calculator) 2. How to translate problem-solving to Python Both steps can be hard, vocabulary and language are initially a real barrier The more experience you have with Python, the easier step 2 will get The more you understand the idioms and power of the language the more you can let step 2 influence step 1 Step 1 is key, without it you won’t get anywhere Compsci 06/101, Spring 2011 4.3 APT Pancake How do you solve this problem? First steps: are there simple cases that can be solved immediately? What are these for the pancake problem? How will you identify with Python? Sometimes it helps to know if you are on track, use Python to check your paper and pencil work Get specific, solve for 7, not N Fix one parameter, vary the other Identify the cases and continue Compsci 06/101, Spring 2011 4.4 Three pancakes in a two-cake pan
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slides4-4up[1] - Compsci 6: PFTW How to solve an APT...

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