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Math 151, Spring 2011 Jo Hardin, HW #13 Homework due on Thursday, April 21 th , start of class. 1. DeGroot (3 rd or 4 th ed.), section 5.2: # 6, 7, 9, 10 2. DeGroot (3 rd ed. = section 5.11 or 4 th ed.), section 5.9: # 3, 5, 6 3. Here you are going to calculate some binomial probabilities. Look back to HW 5 to remember how to compute binomial probabilities in R. (a) The ASPC is booking a charter flight to San Francisco for spring break. They assume that some students will oversleep on the day of departure and won’t make it to the flight. As a result, they decide to sell more tickets for the flight than seats on the airplane. Let p=0.98 be the probability that student shows up for the flight, and assume that the plane seats 100 people and they sold 105 tickets. What is the probability that someone is left at the airport when the plane departs? How many tickets should they sell to keep the probability that someone is stranded less than 0.10? (b) The doomsday airline operates both 2 and 4 engine planes. In order for the plane
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