mud2 - Lecture C2 The Spider Adventure Response to'Muddiest...

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Lecture C2: The Spider Adventure Response to 'Muddiest Part of the Lecture Cards' (63 respondents) 1) Not sure what we will do for homework in this class ? (1 student) Homework are/will be published under the "homework" link on the unified course web page . There will be a few specific exercises based on every lecture in CP. 2) Need more information on how to call packages, what syntax to use for Ada constructs, is Ada case sensitive, … ? (and similar questions) (7 students) The fall term has 17 CP lectures. More or less all of them will introduce new Ada constructs and/or show Ada code. The first two lectures of CP, C1 and C2, have been of an introductory sort, showing you examples rather than the exact details. Starting with lecture C3, we will take it step by step with all the details, and I will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about Ada :) There is something called the Ada Style Guide , it can for example be found via the following link . The style guide is divided into sections that map to the major decisions that each programmer must make when creating high-quality, reliable, reusable, and portable Ada software. Some overlap exists in the sections because not all programming decisions can be made independently. 3) In the Hello_Semantic example, if numbers had been placed within quotation marks, would the program have worked ? (1 student) Yes, it would then have produced the output: 12345We hope you enjoy studying Ada Another way could have been to include the following context clause: with Ada.Integer_Text_Io; and change the Put statement to be: Ada. Integer_ Text_IO.Put(Item => 12345); The result would have been very similar to the one shown above. 4) Why does the spider program run so slowly ? (1 student) Spider runs slowly because of the way both the screen and spider packages are defined. We will come back and revisit the call flow in spider when we talk about packages in detail. 5)
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mud2 - Lecture C2 The Spider Adventure Response to'Muddiest...

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