mudzm3 - Muddy Card Responses Lecture M3 Why was moment...

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Muddy Card Responses Lecture M3 Why was moment created in 3 rd PRS from 500 kN force acting along the y axis. This was actually a moment. It has units of kNm and was indicated as double headed arrow, which is the convention I use to indicate moment vectors. Do we ever have pure moments in the real world? Yes and no. We will meet many moments in unified that can be considered as "pure". In reality, if we looked more closely they would almost always be the result of some force or pressure distribution. Nevertheless it is a very useful concept that I would encourage you to become familiar and comfortable with. Where did your terms in M y = 0 come from with the plane? All the in-plane forces that I drew acting on the airplane (T, D, L W , L T , mg) potentially have a moment arm about the y axis (drawn out of the board). Since I put the center of gravity at the origin, the weight, mg, does not exert a moment about this axis. Redo your PRS slides for this lecture. I got the first one wrong because it was impossible to see that #2 was a separate answer. Make the choices clearer . A couple of comments. First, clearly most of the class were able to see the choices clearly and opted for the correct one, so "impossible" is an exaggeration. Secondly, whether you got the answer right or not, the question achieved its goal in encouraging you to think, which is the goal. Nevertheless I will try to keep the questions clear and umabiguous. Could you draw a clear picture of the plane you drew on the board with clearer details. I could not tell where somethings were supposed to go? I will write it out fully at the beginning of tomorrow's lecture, so it will be available for reference. How is the answer of the second CQ different from the answer choice 1? Choice 1 only had a moment (which was the correct one), there also needs to be a force to counteract the weight of the engine (10kN)
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Why was the moment created in the 3 rd PRS question from 500 kN acting along the y axis? Actually this was a moment of 500 kNm not a force. I indicated this with the double arrow on the vector, and the fact that the units were kNm
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mudzm3 - Muddy Card Responses Lecture M3 Why was moment...

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