mudzm5 - Muddy Card Responses Lecture M5 The statically...

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Muddy Card Responses Lecture M5 The statically indeterminate seems a little against logic, but I guess you can't assume things about forces? With a bit of thought and practice this should start to feel quite logical. At the moment it is simply that with only three equilibrium equations at your disposal (since there are only 3 degrees of freedom of rigid body motion in a 2-D system) if you have more than 3 reaction forces you cannot solve for them with the equilibrium equations alone. Please explain why you cannot solve for statically indeterminate problems. Two comments. Firstly, you need to understand that you can solve for statically indeterminate problems, but you need more than the equilibrium equations to do so (the constitutive behavior and comp;atibility must be taken into account). Secondly, you cannot solve using equilibrium alone because, in 2-D you can only write down 3 equilibrium equations (2 for forces, one for moments), and in a statically indeterminate problem there are more than three reaction forces. What are compatibility and constitutive laws that apply here (presumably to the statically indeterminate example). We will meet this next term. The compatibility conditions are that the beam must remain attached to the wall at the clamped end, and to the support at the end on a roller. In addition, a clamped support has the property that the beam does not have a slope at that end. The relevant constitutive behavior is the force-deflection response of the beam (which we will meet next term). What would you recommend for someone who does not have a strong background in mechanical physics for a review of concepts needed for materials and structures. I am assuming a basic knowledge of 8.01. We have only just started to go beyond material
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mudzm5 - Muddy Card Responses Lecture M5 The statically...

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