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Kolb Experiential Learning Worksheet Concrete Experience : Describe the nature of the experience (for example, what you did, why, when, where, for how long, others involved, the depth and breadth of the experience, and other experiences that contributed to the knowledge gained). Observations and Reflections : Describe and analyze the effects (for example, what worked and what did not, what you learned about yourself, others, or that particular situation, and what you noticed as a result of the experience).
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Unformatted text preview: Formation of Generalizations : Describe the underlying principles that shaped the experience(s) (for example, theories, patterns, rules, methods, and beliefs, and why they worked). Include two references in this section. 1 Application in New Situations : Describe how you can use or have used what you learned (for example, how you can use this knowledge in other situations in the future, of what use is the knowledge, and how it applies to other organizations and other people). 2...
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Kolb_Experiential_Learning_Worksheet - Formation of...

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