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Lifelong Learning Assessment Paper Rubric for TWO (2) Credits (All grayed areas must meet “Acceptable” level in order for student to receive a passing grade for LLA paper) Assessable Aspect Unsatisfactory Approaching Acceptable Outstanding Kolb style, including all cycles of experiential learning No obvious understanding of Kolb theory of learning. Some verbiage is placed under the wrong heading, showing misunderstanding of Kolb model. All aspects of the writer’s learning cycle are clearly identified by stages of the Kolb model with headings. Process of learning through experience is thoroughly exhibited by use of the Kolb model. Concrete Experience Does not focus on personal, concrete experience. Tells a story without focusing on the writer’s personal actions. Clearly answers : What did I do (in the experience that provided learning)? Shows strong understanding of the personal nature of concrete experience. Observation/Reflection Does not reflect on the experience. Reflection on the experience is minimal or impersonal. Clearly answers
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Life_Learning_Assessment_Paper_Rubric__2 - Lifelong...

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