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LLA Paper Submission Checklist & Timetable 1. I have read this week’s lecture notes (Yes / No). 2. I am familiar with the process for submitting my full 10- or 20-page LLA paper. If I had any questions, I have contacted my instructor to get clarification (Yes / No). 3. I have read the sample LLA paper included in the Additional Resources folder in Canyon Connect (Yes / No). 4. I have kept a copy of the completed “10-Page LLA Essay Template” or “20-Page LLA Essay
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Unformatted text preview: Template” cover sheet that I included when I submitted my draft paper (Yes / No). 5. I have begun work on my 10- or 20-page LLA essay (Yes / No). 6. My estimated date for submission of my completed essay is ______________________. Signed ____________________________________ (You do not need to use an electronic signature; just type in your name)...
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