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APES final assignment

APES final assignment - 5 Hammerskoeld Simwinga plans to...

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5) Hammerskoeld Simwinga plans to curtail the poaching of elephants by making an effort to grow crops such sunflowers and chili peppers in higher yields. Chili peppers and sunflowers can be sold for a lot of money. When poachers see that there is more money to be earned from growing and selling crops such as chili peppers and sunflowers, they change from poaching elephants to selling crops. This helps curtail the amount of elephants poached. Preservation of One’s Native Land---An Outstanding Effort The Goldman Environmental Prize is perhaps the most prestigious environmental honor. In the year 2007, there were a total of six winners of this prize. One of these winners is Julio Cusurichi Palacios. Palacios was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize on for his efforts to create a territorial reserve to protect isolated indigenous peoples in Peru’s remote Amazon rainforest from threats posed by oil drilling, mining and illegal logging. One of the things that Palacios took a stand against was the illegal logging of Mahogany wood. Mahogany is a very rare and expensive type of wood. This type of wood makes excellent furniture. However, the logging of such wood in the Amazon rainforest is adding to the destruction of biodiversity that can be found almost nowhere else on the planet. Palacios made an effort to stop this destruction by asking the Peruvian Congress to stop the illegal trade in mahogany wood.
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