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expos essay 2 rough draft

expos essay 2 rough draft - The Subconscious A Place With A...

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The Subconscious: A Place With A Deeper Meaning Name: Poojan Patel Expository Writing 9/21/11 Hilary Haakenson Psychology is the study of the senses, the mind and the changes that the mind and senses undergo. The brain is the structure that controls the actions of the rest of the body and our perception of the world. With the help of the brain we are able to do anything from visiting past memories to doing daily functions. Juhani Pallasmaa’s essay, The Eyes of the Skin: Architecture and the Senses, takes a look at the senses individually and studies them in relation to vision without talking about the subconscious. Martha Stout’s, When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It was Friday , does not talk about a hierarchy or ocularcentrism but rather about the subconscious and the behaviors associated with it. Stout believes that we can perceive the world through more than just the senses. According to Stout, there is another world beyond that which we are aware of. Pallasmaa’s main argument is that the only way we can see the world is through all of our
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senses. He believes that a hierarchy exists among the senses and we need to destroy that hierarchy in order to see things clearly. The first of Stout’s patients that can contribute to the argument against Pallasmaa’s thoughts is Julia. Julia is a woman who did extremely well in college and now is a very successful producer of documentary films. When Stout first meets Julia, she describes how her dismal attitude seems to contradict her beauty. “Her ultramarine eyes gleam, even when she is depressed, giving one the impression, immediately upon meeting her, that there is something special about her. She is, however, soft-spoken and disarming in the extreme. She does not glorify, does not even seem to notice, either her prodigious intelligence or her beauty” (Stout, 385). From this we can tell that Julia probably has a lot of suppressed memories that need to come out if she wants to get better. She is a person who needs to build some confidence in herself if she wants to get past her state of mind. Without confidence she might be stuck in this state of mind for many more months or even years. In order to build confidence she will have to take it day-by-day and eventually overcome self-doubt. This passage is also a great counterpoint to Pallasmaa’s argument because not everything is the way that the senses perceive it. Julia might look calm and beautiful on the outside but her insides are troubled. Her career as a successful producer of documentary films might suggest that she lives a stable life but this is certainly not the case because we know that her mind is not stable. The flaw with Pallasmaa’s way of thinking
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expos essay 2 rough draft - The Subconscious A Place With A...

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