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` Criticism of Immanuel Kant I believe that one thing about Kant that can cause things to go horribly awry is the fact that Kant's moral theory does not look at all into consequences. There is considerable confusion about this, but clarity requires us to pay attention to this aspect of the theory: the theory does not take consequences to be morally significant. Then, what does this theory take as morally significant? The answer is this: Kant's theory is deontological - it looks only into what should be done regardless of the consequences. Do the right thing even if this causes unhappiness. This might not strike anyone as sensible. Why should we not care if our actions, to be morally appropriate, should have the right kinds of effects on other people? Many people, who never read or would like to read or would be able to understand Kant, think of morality in the same way. Consider this example: If someone tries to do something nice for you but messes up and causes trouble, you cannot, in good faith, blame him. Assuming that he meant well, his good intention must surely count, morally speaking. If the outcome could not have been predicted, for instance, then, the fact that the outcome was not to your benefit should not affect your judgment of his action: He did mean well, after all. If you were to blame this person for the bad outcome then you would create tension between the two of you. In order to avoid such conflicts it is important to thank people for their deeds to you no matter the outcome. One of Kant's maxims is "do not lie". Now say a man comes to you and claims to
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kant response journal - ` Criticism of Immanuel Kant I...

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