Scarcity of Time

Scarcity of Time - study for my AP US History test because...

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Poojan Patel 2/17/2012 Macroeconomics Scarcity of Time A time when I had to deal with scarcity was last year when I had three tests on the same day. I had a test in Psychology, English and AP US History. This was a very unsettling period in my life, as I had to decide between three classes that were important to me. However, with a limited amount of time to study for the tests I knew that it would be impossible to study for all three of them at once. So after thinking I finally chose to
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Unformatted text preview: study for my AP US History test because my grade was the lowest in that class and I had to bring my grade up in that class. In the other two classes I was doing well and it didnt matter if I got one bad grade. From this experience I learned that in a time of scarcity it is important to tackle the most important things first and if there is still time left you can focus on the less important things later....
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