Mythology Discussion week 5

Mythology Discussion week 5 - 1 Hades 3 Explain the realm...

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1. Hades 3. Explain the realm of Hades. How is this different from the Christian afterlife? Hades realm is the underworld. The underworld is created for the dead and lies deep beneath the earth. No other gods visit there, only Hermes and Iris who are messengers. The passage into the underworld is usually only one way and was created as a land for the dead to have an afterlife. There is no pain or joy in the underworld, just silence since the dead only whisper. Their quality of afterlife can seem gloomy and depressing, but the dead do not seem to mind this. This is very different from Christian beliefs. Christians believe in Heaven where those who have lived their lives without breaking the ten commandments go. Anyone who has broken them goes to hell where they are punished for eternity. In greek mythology, heaven is only for the gods and there is no hell. If I could compare the Underworld to a Christian belief, I would say it sounds most like purgatory where you are stuck doing nothing. It is neither happy nor incredibly sad, just spirits that exist. 4. What happens to the soul in Plato's myth of Er? In Plato’s myth, Er’s soul came back from the dead to his body to spread the word of the two worlds humans can go to after they die. One road is the road to heaven, which
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Mythology Discussion week 5 - 1 Hades 3 Explain the realm...

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