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Mythology Final Question 2 - Hercules Ulysses and the...

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Discuss how ancient myths are still relevant in today’s society. What might we learn from such myths today, and how might these lessons help shape our future (as individuals, as a culture, or both)? Ancient myths still play a rather significant role in today’s culture. They are portrayed through books and movies, there are classes to teach us about them and their symbolism is also used today. Myths have been the basis of many movies since their creation. In the 50s popularity struck for these types of movies with classics such as
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Unformatted text preview: Hercules, Ulysses, and the Sinbad movies. In the 60s there was Jason and the Argonauts and The Gorgon. In the 80s there was Clash of the Titans, which was remade just a few years ago. Recently we have had movies such as Troy, the Disney version of Hercules, King Arthur, Percy Jackson and the Olympians and many others. (Top Ten Tuesday) Myths have been portrayed in tv shows such as Hercules, The Legendary Journies, Xena Warrior Princess and The Adventures of Sinbad. (Mythology TV)...
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