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Columbia College Online Campus P a g e | 1 ENGL 123 Mythology and Folklore October Session 11-52 October 24– December 17, 2011 Course Description Study of mythologies of various cultures, especially ancient Greek and Roman, but including Norse, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Native American, African, and Polynesian. Prerequisite : None Proctored Exams : -- None Instructor Information Gayle Elliott, Ph.D., English/Creative Writing, University of Wisconsin Textbooks Classical Mythology , 9 th ed., Morford/Lenardon, Oxford UP, ISBN 0195397703 World Mythology , 6 th ed., Roy Willis, Holt & Co., ISBN 0195307526 The Ways of My Grandmothers , Beverly Hungry Wolf, Quill, ISBN 0688004717 Frankenstein , Mary Shelley, Dover Thrift Ed., ISBN 0486282112 Textbooks for the course may be ordered from Missouri Book Services. You can order online at ( be sure to select Online Education rather than your home campus before selecting your class ) by phone at 800-325-3252 For additional information about the bookstore, visit . Please note that the use of an eBook carries certain risks: information may be missing due to copyright restrictions, the book cannot be resold to MBS, and an eBook purchase cannot be refunded. Course Overview This course offers a survey of various world mythologies, with an emphasis on the myths of classical Greece. These stories become crucial for the further study of much Western literature. Beyond this, however, we will also introduce the myths of a wide range of other cultures and will investigate the situation of myth in our mass media culture.
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Columbia College Online Campus P a g e | 2 Technology Requirements Participation in this course will require the basic technology for all online classes at Columbia College: A computer with reliable Internet access, a web browser, Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Office or another word processor such as Open Office. You can find more details about standard technical requirements for our courses on our site. Course Objectives To undertake an intensive course of readings, discussions and written exercises about mythology. To evaluate archetypal mythological stories and figures as they appear in a variety of the world’s cultures. To explain a varying role of myths in society. To demonstrate the significant parallels in the structure of myths of diverse cultures Measurable Learning Outcomes Describe how myths express and examine the archetypal patterns and symbolic events common to the myths of all cultures. Understand myths as the stories that express and examine basic ethical questions of humanity, the relationship of individuals to society, and of human society to the cosmos. Explain the relationship of these myths to society from a variety of critical perspectives (e.g.
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Mythology Syllabus - Columbia College Online Campus Page |1...

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