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Review Solusource (Thomas Global) web site and report your findings concerning exportation activities on two chosen articles. Support your statements as needed with source citations gained through your readings and/or online research. Exporting is how many companies start expanding internationally. They may use indirect exporting, the use of a middle man in their home market, cooperative exporting, enters an agreement with another company to sell their goods, or direct exporting, dealing with a middle man in the foreign market (Kotabe 299). One place the US deals with for indirect, direct and corporate exporting is Asia. Asia used to be the country we used for cheap manufacturing costs. Now their economy is rapidly growing and now surpassing the US economy for the first time ever. Our trading with Asia has helped them to grow exponentially in the world’s economy. Exporting is the reason for Asia’s expansion. (Asia, Harrington) A future upcoming expansion we can look for with exporting is over the border
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