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workforce planning discussion 2 - Services spets play an...

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Question: Following the guidelines in the Applications following Chapter 4, conduct a Job Requirements or Job Rewards Job Analysis of a job you want to study. Prepare a written report of your project. (Minimum 300 words, due Wednesday) The Job I am analyzing is my own role at my job. I am a services specialist at Acadia Insurance. Services Specialists are responsible for a lot of administrative and data entry tasks. This helps to speed up the tasks of the “larger scale” departments. Taking things down from Underwriting who is responsible for “selling” Acadia to Services Specialists who enter data and administer initial tasks for many areas and everything in between ties the job analysis all together to help create and establish Acadia’s success. Services Specialists do more than just the computer work, they also make sure the office runs smoothly by ordering supplies, processing mail daily and setting up for meetings,
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Unformatted text preview: Services spets play an essential role in making Acadia run smoothly. My research of the Services Spet role comes from my own experience. I have been in my role for four years, trained many others and know exactly what is expected of me. My role seems to have endless possibilities. If something needs to be done in the office, I know how to take care of it. I am positive I know how to do my job and can train others correctly as well. The Services Spet position now requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. Four years ago, this was not a requirement. The experience I had was enough to get me hired. They have since chose to hire individuals who have a degree and some office experience as well. They also look for an individual who is passionate about the position and has a drive to expand their career if hired at the company....
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workforce planning discussion 2 - Services spets play an...

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