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I chose the essay on p. 855 “Why Progressives Should Oppose the Legalization of Assisted Suicide.” This essay was written to oppose the issue, and by Marilyn Golden. The author persuaded me thoroughly, because she provided the actual opposing position, which was to be for the legalizing the law. In addition, her essay layout was easy to follow because she provided supporting evidence and facts to show reason for why it should not be legalized. This essay persuades us that euthanasia is morally wrong and that we do not have the right to take life however ill a patient may be. It explains how by allowing it in one case other cases soon follow. What is good for an individual sufferer is not good for society. It goes on to say while there are those who are killing someone simply to put them out of their misery there are those who would want to kill someone simply to get rid of a problem parent or for other reasons of their own. I plan to use the feedback from WritePoint to make my persuasive essay more effective by
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Unformatted text preview: considering all the recommendations it offers, such as leaving out commas where they are not needed or necessary, and using other words than first person unless I am talking about myself and not someone else. For example, the author, I will refer to as he or she, or use the actual name of the author. As for me, it is not appropriate in essay writing to use the word “I” either. My essay will effectively persuade my readers because I plan to be straight forward while providing strong facts and evidence that only convinces the readers to agree with me about my position and opinion. However, I will also consider that the readers, opinion may already be the opposite, so it is effective to not belittle theirs, but also showing some negative outcome or consequence about it. This will, additionally, show my strong belief in my position, which should strongly convince the readers into agreement with me....
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