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Toy Story 3, which was an explicit offender, released by Disney/Pixar and available in 3D (of course), which made more money and got better reviews than any other movie this year. Toy Story 3 is sharp, moving, visually stunning, and of premiere class, but I am not prepared to call it a winner. I can understand the creators not wanting to sugarcoat life merely because the colors are brighter and voices chirpier, but Toy Story 3 so intent on being such a manipulative downer. Sure it’s provocative and audacious to take familiar beloved animated characters like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head, Slinky, and the rest of the gang, and have them face such “human” trials as neglect, self-doubt, impotence, and death. In Toy Story 3, Andy, the boy to whom our heroes belong, is off to college and he needs to clean his room. The toys, who I presume haven’t been played with in half a decade are “suddenly” confronted with their status as obsolete child’s play. This results in much hand-
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