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I have improved my ability to remember to use commas. We are going to study my improvement in correct usage of confusing words. There has been a lot of change in my writing style. So far in this class my word choices have improved. I now know better what words are awkward with what other words. The materials I have studied this week have changed the way I write in so many ways ,but the most important change being from having no understanding of how word usage and punctuation impacted my writing to having some understanding of how to use these
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Unformatted text preview: things to convey emotion and feeling through my writing. Another major change that has taken place in my writing is a change in spelling skill. After having written so many papers for this class I unknowingly improved my spelling and as a result have improved my spelling skill in my writing. Lastly there have been changes in my writing even with just how good I am at noticing awkward word usage. Now when I read something out loud I can usually detect awkward word usage by ear.+...
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