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ACCOUNTING 4650 R10 Not for Profit Financial Management Guidelines for Completion of Community Project You are to select a not for profit organization that you will use to obtain some real world experience. Try to find an organization that interests you and that is located near your home or work. You are to contact an official at the organization and explain that you will be requesting information about the organization (particularly Financial Statements and budgets) to prepare a term project. In return you will provide a minimum of six hours volunteer time. A covering letter is provided. The co-operation of a responsible official is essential otherwise you may find yourself unable to complete parts of the project. The Term project is to be completed in pairs. If the organization chosen is particularly large (or small), groups of three (or one) can be used with prior approval . You must have chosen an organization by the end of October or risk failing the course. Since this will require some research and approval from the Organization, I strongly
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Community_Project_Requirements_-Fall_2011 - ACCOUNTING 4650...

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