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Academic_Integrity_Statement_Fall_2011 - academic integrity...

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Academic Integrity and Honesty Statement ACCT 4650 Term Project Fall 2011 I wish to confirm: The thoughts, ideas, and writing in this assignment reflect my work and my work only except where I have properly attributed credit to other sources. The assignment was prepared specifically for ACCT 4650 and for no other course. The assignment has not been submitted in whole or part for any other course by me or anyone else. I understand that should any of the aforementioned statements be false, the penalties range from “0” on the assignment itself to failure in the course overall. I also understand that any breeches of
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Unformatted text preview: academic integrity will be reported to the Dean, School of Business which may result in further sanctions. Signed: Name: Student Number: Date: Cheating: is defined as any dishonest or deceptive conduct or attempted conduct by which individuals or teams of individuals use or attempt to use unauthorized aids, assistance, materials and methods to represent their academic work(s), as other than they are. Plagiarism: is an act in which an individual submits the work of another person as his or her own....
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