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ACCT 4630 - 4 The risks include More unqualified people may...

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Self Assignment 1 Meng Wu 100136714 1. The Association has a difficulty to find new members to expense its board. This cause a problem that against the bylaw because “the current board of seven has four members who have exceeded this limit ( members can serve three consecutive three- year terms). 2. I believe that the organization need to modify it’s by law to allow more members to join the group. 3. The organization can establish several types of members (full or voting) to attract more people to join the membership. In order to attract more members, board recruitment activities take place within the larger community and not from within the membership of the organization. Provide extra benefit to the members. Allow a small number of connected others to become member.
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Unformatted text preview: 4 The risks include More unqualified people may have a chance to become member. Solution: build a stronger leadership; make sure that everyone is accountable. Provide extra benefit may cause financial problem. Solution: Become a partner of financial group to get extra support, increase financial management. 5 a) No, I believe that increase the term limit may cause a decrease number of member. b) Yes, Increase the number of consecutive terms can bring more clients to the organization, which means bring more potential members. c) No, the long term solution is to attract more members, decrease the minimum number of board only can solve the problem temporarily....
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