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Chapter 23 Model Questions 1) Which of the following is the best definition for the term radionuclide? a) the nucleus of any atom b) the nucleus of an atom that contains more than 75 neutrons c) an atom whose nucleus absorbs radiation d) an atom whose nucleus is unstable 2) Which of the following types of radiation is composed of particles with a charge and mass identical to that of an electron? a) alpha particles b) beta particles c) gamma radiation d) X-rays 3) In terms of subatomic particles, the composition of an alpha particle is a) three neutrons and a proton. b) two neutrons and two protons. c) one neutron and three protons. d) one neutron and two protons. 4) The loss of an alpha particle of a radioactive nuclide causes a) no change in mass number b) mass is reduced by 4 c) mass is increased by 4 d) mass is increased by 2 e) mass is reduced by 2 5) The bombardment of N with neutron gives two products, one of which is a proton. The other is a a) 14 C b) 12 C c) 11 C d) 13 N e) 15 N 6) During a bombardment reaction, the particles colliding with target nuclei are
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a) small and traveling very fast. b) small and traveling slow. c) large and traveling very fast. d) large and traveling slow. 7) If the half-life of a 2.0 gram sample of a radionuclide is 15 hours, then the half-life of a 1.0 gram sample of the same radionuclide would be
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Answers_Ch23_ModelQuestion - Chapter 23 Model Questions 1...

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