4 Action potentials

4 action potentials

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Unformatted text preview: Signal transmission along axons: ac0on poten0als We can measure the trans ­membrane electrical poten0al difference across the plasma membrane by making an electrode that has a very 0ny 0p (less than 0.1 micrometers in diameter), inser0ng that electrode through the cell membrane, and comparing the electrical fields recorded by that electrode with the fields recorded by an electrode in the saline outside the neuron. Microelectrode Voltage recorder Reference electrode Saline Fig. 48-8 If we pass current through our electrode to add more nega0ve charge to the inside of the cell, our electrode records a transmembrane poten0al (Vm) that is more inside ­nega0ve than the res0ng value. When Vm becomes more inside ­ nega0ve than rest, we say the membrane is hyperpolarized. +50 Membrane poten0al (mV) Studying a neuron using...
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