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Intro; general info

Intro; general info - BILD 2 Multicellular Life-General...

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BILD 2, Multicellular Life--General information; please read these pages now ! Page 1 These next few pages are placed at the beginning of the Course Outline because they tell you a lot about how the course runs and offer student-tested suggestions you can use to do your best in the course. Basic information Page 1 Hints for success in this course Page 1 Resources available to you Pages 2 - 4 Exams and grading Pages 4 - INSTRUCTOR : Kathy French Pacific Hall 3123B 534-5938 LECTURES : Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 1:00 p.m. to 1:50 a.m., Warren Lecture Hall 2001 TEXT : Biology, 8th edition, by Campbell et al. The syllabus lists assigned reading in the text; this material will be covered in the exams. HINTS FOR SUCCESS IN THIS COURSE 1. Print out the set of Power Point slides for each lecture BEFORE you go to lecture, and make notes on those pages. 2. Attend EVERY lecture and take your own notes . 3. Read the assignments in the textbook --best if you read it BEFORE you go to lecture 4. Attend a section . You don't have to sign up for a particular section, so you can shop around for the one that is best for you. 5. Learn the words. You can't understand the course material or perform well on exams unless you know the vocabulary! 6. But don't stop there. Learn the concepts and practice using both the words and the concepts. How do you to that? 7. Work every problem from every problem set AS THOUGH YOU WERE TAKING AN EXAM. That is, write out the best answer you can without looking at the solutions. THEN compare your answers with the published solutions, and concentrate on the differences between your answers and the answers on the solutions. 8. Study regularly; don't wait until the night before an exam to try to cram 10 lectures' worth of information into your brain. There is a lot of physiological evidence that studying over time and getting enough sleep the night before an exam both greatly improve performance on the exam. You can use that information to your advantage!
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BILD 2, Multicellular Life--General information; please read these pages now ! Page 2 RESOURCES AVAILABLE TO YOU (use them wisely!): THIS COURSE WEBSITE (www.biology.ucsd.edu/classes/bild2.SP11)-- The site is also linked from the Biological Sciences Undergraduate Student Affairs “Course Web Sites” page.) There is a lot of information on the Web site: (1) the syllabus for BILD 12, (2) Outlines of the material to be covered in BILD 2 this quarter, divided up by subject (3) Copies of sets of Power Point slides used in lectures (4) Problem sets to be completed at the end of every week of the course, and (5) keys to exam sin the course. (6) Announcements about what is happening in the course; the home page is the very best source of up-to-the-minute information about the course, (7) Solutions to problem sets, (8) Corrections of any errors in the outline or on the Web site (I hope these won’t be necessary) If you want to find out about times and dates of events, this will be the place to check. Please notice that the Power Point slides include many graphs, diagrams, and tables.
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Intro; general info - BILD 2 Multicellular Life-General...

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