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Tutorial 5     1. An Internal Revenue Service (IRS) inspector is to select 4 corporations from a list of 12 for tax audit purposes. Of the 12 corporations, 5 earned profits and 7 incurred losses during the year for which the tax returns are to be audited. If the IRS inspector decides to select 4 corporations randomly, find the probability that the number of corporations in these 4 that incurred losses during the year for which the tax returned are to be audited is
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Unformatted text preview: a. exactly 3 ; b. at most 1 ; c. none . 2. Almaty Telecom Company has prepared a final list of 7 candidates for 2 positions. Of the seven candidates, 4 are finance majors and 3 are accounting majors. If the company manager decides to select randomly 2 candidates from this list, find the probability that a. both candidates are finance majors, b. neither of the two candidates is a finance major, c. at most one of the candidates is a finance major....
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