Consensual Relationship Agreements

Consensual Relationship Agreements - Abstract In todays...

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Abstract In today’s fast paced society women and men spend nearly forty percent of their week in the workplace. Due to the time spent working together; many workers generate a common interest in one another, therefore leading to workplace romance. Many companies protect themselves and their workers with Consensual Relationship Agreements or CRA; a CRA is a written contract in which romantically involved partners acknowledge workplace policies regarding romance. The CRA is confirmation of their relationship being voluntary and consensual; ensuring that the statutes of the relationship does not affect the dynamics of the workplace ethical infrastructure. Both parties agree to abide by the employers antidiscrimination, anti-harassment, and workplace conduct policies. Many employers and employees find that CRAs can be both beneficial and detrimental in the workplace; affecting personal relationships, workplace infrastructure, and productivity. There are several benefits that CRAs provide in today’s workplace not all companies have policies in place but they are beneficial to productivity. Consensual Relationship Agreements create boundaries for workplace relationships and legally binds employees to behave in a professional manner. A majority of companies do not have any policy in place. The dynamics of the workplace was jeopardized because several people dated romantically. This caused a loss of productivity because there was nothing to ensure that favoritism didn’t occur, or that employees maintained professionalism when dating in the business environment, and to procure documentation to protect employees in cases of resentment. Most companies now have policies against supervisors and managers engaging in relationships with subordinates; the CRA will acknowledge this union and take the decision of promoting the subordinate out of the hands of the supervisor or manager he/she is involved with. Management and subordinate relationships have been known to be disruptive of key positioning and of the ethical infrastructure that ensures the equal opportunity that is guaranteed to all employees through corporate policy. The Consensual Relationship Agreement also protects the employer and employees in sexual harassment claims, by providing documented proof of consensual interaction signed between both parties. Sexual Harassment has been one of the largest issues
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Consensual Relationship Agreements - Abstract In todays...

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