Ethics and Compliance Analysis

Ethics and Compliance Analysis - Ethics and Compliance...

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Ethics and Compliance Analysis The Lowes Company was established in 1921 by L.S. Lowes as a local hardware store selling products such as power tools, electronics, paint, lawn care products, as well as other forms of hardware products. Later L. S. Lowes passed away and L.S. Lowes’s son and son -n –law took over the company later selling most of the merchandise to reorganize the store allowing the store to sell both hardware and building supplies (Lowe’s Companies, Inc, 2010). Selling both hardware and building supplies allows the company to be more flexible attracting a larger more versatile customer base and expanding the number of stores throughout the word to over 400 store locations (Lowe’s Companies, Inc, 2010). The following will discuss their code of ethics, compliance with SEC regulations, and an evaluation of the company’s financial status. Code of Ethics The Lowes Company has a policy of adhering to a stick code of business conduct and ethics which are designed by a series of people on the Board of Directors which are not employed by the Lowes Company. The ethical behaviors required by the Lowes Company are to be followed by all employees of the Lowe’s Company both internal and external employees (Lowes, 2010). The rules of the policy include: compliance with laws, and regulations, conflict of interest, fair dealing, corporate opportunities and loyalty, confidential information, social networking media and collaborative networking technologies, payments to governmental officials or other persons, importance of accurate books and records and adherence to system of internal control to financial reporting , protection and proper use of company assets, public company reporting , insider trading, intellectual property, employee relations, compliance with code, amendment, modification, and waiver. The first ethical behavior required by the Lowes Company is to follow all government rules, laws, and regulations. The rules, laws, and regulations are provided to each employee by the management team of the Lowe’s Company (Lowes, 2010). If there were to be any questions regarding any of the various rules, laws or regulation The Lowe’s Company requires the individual to seek guidance from the companies general counsel or chief compliance officer (Lowes, 2010). The next form of ethical behavior is conflict of interest. The conflict of interest includes anything started at work or started outside the work place. The forms of conflict of interest are shown by forms of disagreement or by ones appearance (Lowes, 2010). Fair dealing is another form of ethics which Lowes expects their employees to follow. The fair
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Ethics and Compliance Analysis - Ethics and Compliance...

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