Triangle_Solutions_Product - new Triangle Solutions product...

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Unformatted text preview: new Triangle Solutions product is Curriculum Companion Software (CCS). CCS serves as a fundamental teaching aide for the educational development for K-12 schools. Students can trail along with core curriculum automatically through a mid computer workstation at the front of the classroom. Triangle Solutions will provide the setting up, preliminary and continuing advice for CCS. The services provide as a component of each software parcel acquisition. The Market The aggressive market comprise of few straight competitors inside the education information structure, providing products, equipment and systems incorporation services to kindergarten all the way through high (K-12) schools in the United States. The software races alongside conventional techniques of learning, preparation and testing. Since there are only a few other businesses contending straightforwardly with the software in the marketplace, the business strategy is to build up a rank of market distribution. Market Size The educational software marketplace is an emergent market trending towards companies going into mergers and acquisitions. The market size for educational software is increasing due to schools and institutions searching for alternative ways for increasing the education for children. Publishers and schools do not properly understand how software is used in classrooms, which has resulted in the educational software industry too small to be worth their attention (Feldman, 1994), but if properly informed and trained on how the software is beneficial towards the students learning, the market will increase....
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Triangle_Solutions_Product - new Triangle Solutions product...

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